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Why Should You Participate in Safe & Sound Week?

Why Should You Participate in Safe & Sound Week?
Every year more than 5,000 workers are killed on the job – a rate of 14 per day – and more than 3.6 million people suffer serious job-related injury or illness. You can’t deny the fact that safety and health programs are incredibly significant in the workplace. Lives depend on safe work practices. That’s why your company is encouraged to participate in Safe & Sound Week.
Safe & Sound Week is a nationwide event to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programs. It includes things like management leadership, worker participation, and methodical approaches to encourage workers to find and fix hazards in their workplace. 
Safety is a team effort! Be team safety ready.
If you’re not sure how to implement an effective safety and health program, it’s really simple. Get your workplace excited about completing these OSHA steps and get started. 
Ensure all your workers go home safely at the end of a long day with these seven tips.
  1. Establish safety and health as a core value in your workplace. Inform your employees that making sure they finish the day and go home safely is the way you do business. Show them that you’ll do whatever it takes to remedy any hazards in the area.
  2. Always lead by example. Your greatest assets, your employees, are watching you. If you forget to simply put on your safety glasses or grab your hard hat before walking into a construction zone don’t think for a moment they won’t start to follow that trend. Always practice what you preach and choose safety practices always.
  3. Implement a simple way to report hazards. Communicating and reporting injuries, illnesses, and incidents – including a near miss – hazards should be an easy process for workers. They should be able to talk about safety concerns and report incidents without fear of retaliation. Keep track of safe working days and encourage employees to beat the previous record with Electronic Signs. 
  4. Provide safety training. Train workers how to identify and control hazards in the workplace and how to report them. With proper safety training, you can empower workers to recognize and report safety hazards for a safer workplace.
  5. Perform inspections.  Make it a point to inspect the area for hazards and ask workers to identify areas that could be improved in the workplace. Remember, safety is a team effort.
  6. Encourage involvement. The best way to motivate safety is to encourage workers to be involved in identifying problems, finding solutions, and suggestions.
  7. Create hazard controls.  After hazard controls are created implement your team to evaluate them to ensure they’re working and meeting your safety standards.
Every workplace – including yours – will benefit from a safety and health program. When your workers understand that you’re committed to their safety they’re more loyal workers. Show your commitment to safety by participating in Safe & Sound week. You can learn more about the activities here.

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