HazCom/GHS Products

Are you ready to meet the requirements of the new GHS portion of the Hazard Communication Rule?

Safetycal can help.  With a choice of materials and sizes, we can customize your GHS signs for you.  OR we can show you easy ways to create your own!

The NEW HCS Rule states the following: Signs and Labels are intended to provide an immediate visual reminder of chemical hazards.  Whereas labels in the past could be presented in a variety of formats using inconsistent terminology and visual elements, labels prepared in accordance with the requirements in this final rule will be consistent.  Standardized signal words and hazard statements attract attention and communicate the degree of hazard.  Pictograms reinforce the message presented in text and enhance communication for low-literacy populations.  Precautionary statements provide useful instruction for protecting against chemical-source injuries and illness.

And that is not all.  We also have the New Format Danger signs for Asbestos, Cadmium, Lead, MDA, Training Tools and the EZMAKE® SIGN SYSTEM that allows you to create your own GHS Compliant Labels.  

Watch this short EZMAKE® SIGN SYSTEM Video for more information.

Whether you are needing Custom GHS Signs, Danger Signs or Training Tools Safetycal is here to help!