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Workplace Organization/5S Workplace

The 5s organizational system is a simple yet efficient way to boost your overall workplace performance and eliminate wasted space. With the 5s unique style your work area will run much smoother by having all the necessary tools and items stored in an easy to use location while also enhancing the aesthetic of the surrounding area. Workers will find that with these items installed all around the work place, the look and feel of the environment becomes much more organized and friendly, which in turn will increase productivity. Having these products stored in such clear and marked location also increases the safety of the employees and minimizes risks. The 5S acronym stands for:

  • Sort - Clear out, clean up, and identify needs for the immediate work space
  • Set in Order - Organize items, designate storage locations, and define procedures for use
  • Shine - Clean and maintain the area's appearance and establish preventative maintenance 
  • Standardize - Set roles and responsibilities to ensure efficient process improvement 
  • Sustain - Maintain and reinforce involvement in achieving goals