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"I have been using the EZMAKE® Sign System since 2006 when one of our employees visited the Safetycal booth at the VPP conference and brought back the information. I have been able to make my own signs for a fraction of the cost to order them and have them right away without having to wait for them. The signs are very durable and hold up very nicely in weather. I have made signs for confined spaces, hearing protection, respiratory protection, radiation and NFPA signs for tanks. This program is very easy to operate and the staff is very friendly and helpful anytime I have called and talked to them. I would definitely recommend the EZMAKE® sign system and Safetycal for all of your signage needs."

Lisa Pope - NRG Power LLC, Safety Technician

"I just want to tell everybody about SAFETYCAL EZMAKE® Sign System. I worked for Weyerhaeuser for 38 years and this was the best program that we used for our Safety labels, Line Labels, Chemical labels and tank labels. We started using this program around 2000, right away it made our chemical labeling so much easier. We then started to use it for other things and couldn't believe how easy it was to use. If for any reason we had question about how to do something tech support was there helping us through the process. They kept improving the program through out the years making it easier and faster to get something done."

Jim Chonzena - Weyerhaeuser, Union Safety Representative /Retired Chlorine Dioxide& Bleach Plant Operator

"As a safety professional it is imperative to find tools that enable personnel to be more knowledgeable of the hazards in the workplace.
Signage plays an important role in ensuring personnel are aware of the various hazards in the workplace.
I have used EZMAKE® SIGN SYSTEM over the years to label various containers with the NFPA labels, various sizes. It is an extremely useful tool. It eliminates the need to fill out the labels manually, thus minimizing errors. You are able to store the data to be used repeatedly. Labels are legible. You are able to have a number of labels available at once, time saver.
The EZMAKE® SIGN SYSTEM has added features that enable you to make a number of other type of signage, that may be unique to your facility.
Above all it is value added."

Donna Parsons - , Safety & Health Professional

"I'm going to submit the EVERCLEAR® FLAP TAG as a "Best Practice" to all the Morton Salt facilities- they do EXACTLY what they are supposed to do.
Thanks- great product."

Cameron Kirkpatrick - The Canadian Salt Company, Lindbergh Facility, Health and Safety Coordinator

"I would highly recommend the use of the EZMAKE® SIGN SYSTEM as a very good tool to properly label a facility. WE have had some of the labels out in the bright sunlight and wet weather for almost two years without any fading or deterioration. We frequently have mill employees develop additional uses for the system that we had not originally anticipated. The system is easy to use, so that we can easily accommodate their ideas."

David Jordan - Roseburg Forest Products,

"SAFETYCAL has been a consistent and reliable supplier for many years. Their products are durable and their prices are competitive."

- Georgia-Pacific, Toledo Pulp & Paper Operations,

"I have been purchasing products from SAFETYCAL for more than 16 years. Their products hold up great, even in the demanding environment of the paper industry."

Bill Landreth - Buckman Labs, Treatment Equipment Manager